Coffeelovers take away cappuccino

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Coffeelovers loves coffee lovers, and the feeling’s mutual. We’re all about sharing our love for a great cup of coffee, but we’re also mad on tea. Our specially trained Coffeelovers baristas grind fresh beans for every type of coffee and inspire coffee lovers with charming latte art in the form of the famous Coffeelovers heart.

Coffeelovers was founded by Maison Blanche Dael, a coffee roaster and tea packer in Maastricht. This family business was founded in 1878 by Guillaume Dael and traded in colonial goods. Coffeelovers now has nine branches, with six locations in Maastricht and one each in Eindhoven, Roermond, and Nijmegen.
Coffeelovers is a classic coffee shop, with the great advantage for employees being that we’re only open during day-time hours.

There are currently four trainee places available on our barista training course. Developed by Coffeelovers, this programme prepares you for all aspects of the profession and helps you become a passionate barista.


  • Speak personally to customers and build customer loyalty.
  • Can assess an extraction for its taste and aroma.
  • Can consciously influence taste by adjusting the settings.
  • Make smooth and creamy milk froth and can achieve a range of froth densities.
  • Master at least three latte art shapes: heart, tulip, and rosetta.
  • Create latte art in front of the customer.
  • Know and are able to explain where coffee comes from and how it’s ‘made’.
  • Work hygienically, neatly, and in an orderly fashion, and make sure the machines are clean and tidy at the end of the day.
  • Can repair minor malfunctions in machines and grinders.
  • Are able to handle all daily tasks and can open and close the shop.
  • Have sufficient business acumen to achieve additional sales and prevent loss.
  • Alongside the requisite knowledge about coffee, also have sufficient knowledge about tea and can share this knowledge with customers.

After an introduction, you will work under the guidance of your mentor. Armed with your own barista box and handbook, you will clock up some ‘flying hours’ behind the coffee machine. You will note the origin and flavours of the coffees and carry out measurements every day. After three to six months, you will sit a SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) examination. If you pass, you’ll receive a certificate that is officially recognized by the SCA.

Once you’ve secured your certificate, you can work as a Coffeelovers barista at one of our locations. If you embark on this Employee Journey with us, we’ll cover the full costs (€1,500.00) of your training.

If you’re full of beans, want to pursue a career as a barista, and are eager to follow this unique course, please e-mail a brief cover letter and your CV, including a photo of yourself, to Mireille Berghof at