Coffee of great origin

Coffee of fine descent

Our coffee is hand roasted by Blanche
Dael in Maastricht. This coffee roaster
and tea trader, cherishes her traditions
and at the same time has an open view
for innovation and cooperation. Since first
participating in the Cup of Excellence program
in 2006, baristas of Coffeelovers and
cuppers of Blanche Dael use the universal
cupping-form for their weekly evaluation
of various coffee beans.
At Coffeelovers, we only use coffee beans
which are graded at 86/100 or higher.


After many cupping sessions we chose the
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe as our lungo coffee.
Due to the roasting profile and low
caffeine level, this subtle coffee is a real
challenge for our baristas. They have to
check the parameters every day to brew
the perfect cup of coffee.


Due to the fact that this is a complex and
layered coffee, with various tones of lush
fruits and sweetness, it might take some
time to get used to. But drink it like
you would drink a fine wine and you
will definitely enjoy it.


You do not need to be a connoisseur to
appreciate good coffee. However, taste is
very personal, be sure that the choices we
make are the best and we try to take you
with us on our way towards drinking
only exceptional coffee.